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One of the great advantages of working abroad is undoubtedly the gain. Average salaries are never lower than € 1440 per month. Thanks to shifts that sometimes do not exceed 6 hours, at the same time you can enjoy your life or even think about a second job in order to maximize your earnings and bring home even more money. But that is not all.
The most daring can aim even higher. If you have good organizational skills, you are creative and intuitive, and if you think outside the ordinary framework, we assure you that in a very short time, if not immediately, you can become a partner or manager of entire commercial activities. From there you will start a wonderful working career and with earnings that will touch dizzying figures. All this is truly achievable and within everyone’s reach!
This really is your chance to live a dream, so what are you waiting for?


To work in Spain you will need the NIE (Numero de identidad de Extranjero) or the identification number of foreign citizens in Spain. The NIE is a personal, unique and exclusive number that all foreigners must have for identification purposes, if you want to work in Spain, open a bank account, a VAT number, to request Seguridad Social (Spanish national health coverage) , contract a telephone line etc etc


1. Make an appointment at the Oficina de Extranjería – Cuerpo Nacional de Policía. To make an appointment access the cita previa web page, select the province of Ibiza, choose the Policia-Asignación option from the drop-down menu de N.I.E, fill in with your data where instead of the D.N.I we select “pasaporte” and finally print. You will have to go to the appropriate offices with the receipt of the “cita previa”.

2. Pay the Mod.790 tax (€ 12.00). It is advisable to pay the fee before going to the National police office. By paying it in advance you will not have to go back to the police and queue again. Take original and photocopy with you. You can pick it up at the police workshop or fill it out directly online (Mod.790_012). It is simple to fill in, first ask us for our data personal, the first part of the autoliquidación section we leave blank where it says Num. Justificante and importe. Among the various options, we tick the Certificate of Community Resident Register or Tarjeta de residencia de familiar of a citizen of the Unión. Check at the end of the document that “importe” the price is 12 € when you choose the type of document.

3. Fill in the EX-15 form. Filling out the form is very simple, you can do it in front of the Comisaría staff or fill it out online and print it (recommended), we will help you do it with the instructions that you will find by continuing to read. Print it in two copies because you will need it when you go to the appointment.

4. Original and photocopy of your personal identification documents. Identity card or passport. Check that they have not expired and remember to bring both the original and the photocopies.


Pasaporte.- Write your ID number or Passport number

N.I.E.- Leave blank as you are requesting it and therefore you do not yet have a N.I.E number

1st Apellidus and 2nd Apellidus – Write your surname in the 1st Apellidus box and if you have a second write it in 2nd Apellidus
Nombre.- Write your name

Sexo.– Mark the box corresponding to your gender where H stands for hombre (man) and M stands for mujer (woman)

Fecha de nacimiento – Lugar – País.- Date of birth – Place of birth – Country

Nacionalidad.- Nazonality: writing Italian

Estado civil.– “S” stands for single / celibate, “C” for Married “V” for widower, “D” for divorced, “SP” for separated

Nombre del padre, nombre de la madre.– Write the name and surname of your father and mother

Domicile de Residencia – nº – piso.- Current domicile, number and floor eg: Calle de la victoria n ° 2 – 10C

Localidad.– Location of your home – Example: Ibiza

C.P Codigo Postal.- Postal code es: 07800 (Ibiza center) 07820 (San Antonio de Portmany)

Province.- Province Example: Ibiza

Teléfono móvil – Email.- Telephone number and email address


– Ask the Group Leaders where the best offers are, they will be able to point you in the right direction for anything. – Do not be shy! Always ask for any discounts for workers in bars and restaurants. You will save a lot! – Look for free activities that you can do during the day, there is a lot to do! – Make friends with as many Pr as you can and save on the holidays by making you put on the Free list for the most important events.

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